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Metasound is an innovator in "on-site digital marketing" technologies. The Company's customers include leading retail and service organizations such as Office Depot, Orkin Pest Control, U-Haul, Dollar Rent-A-Car, and Estée Lauder.

Metasound was the first to move the mechanics of audio programming, content production, and content delivery from a largely manual process, based upon analog designs, to a fully digital and scalable, Internet deployment system. This development created an efficient, effective and affordable method for businesses to leverage their investment in captive customers and multi-site infrastructure.

Metasound is the brainchild of a dedicated group of scientists and engineers, who in 1996 began R&D in the area of technologically advanced, digital audio broadcast systems. The Company released its first solution in 1997. It was called "WebCaster", and it was the only all-digital "Web-enabled media appliance" for delivering on-hold audio announcements to multiple sites.

Metasound's latest development represents a quantum leap forward in on-site, digital marketing. It is a platform that enables a multi-site merchant to create an integrated, point-of-sale promotional medium inside the stores. It empowers the merchant to deploy, manage and change sales driving content across a network of locations and on-site media systems. It also empowers the merchant to sell access to this on-site medium, at premium rates, to vendors who want to promote their products at the merchant's point-of-sale. Metasound enables the merchant to control key brand assets and promotional content from a central location, and generate incremental, high-margin revenue in the process.

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