Foreground Music

Creatively, Metasound music channels are diligently crafted together with appropriate music developed to enhance the customer shopping or dining experience and assist in solidifying brand recognition through music - taking into consideration demographics, psychographics, attitude, tempo/energy and lifestyle.

Metasound Music Programming offers both broadcast and lifestyle based programming with the belief that quality over commodity is an important consideration in developing soundscapes exclusively designed for brand alignment in Hospitality, Fashion and Specialty Retail environments.

The Music Programming Team consists of musicologists who are students of Pop culture. They draw musical expertise from the professional worlds of Marketing, Customer Relations, Radio, Retail, the Record Industry, Nightclubs and even performing musically. They paint colorful audio pictures through their vast knowledge of specific and varied music genres. This passionate group believes the right music does make a difference and is committed to that belief, making a positive impact by programming music for the Retail Industry on a daily basis.





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