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Metasound assures you of the best quality audio productions available, by providing professional script writing, years of marketing and broadcasting experience, and state-of-the-art in-house digital production facilities. Our voice talent are some of the best performers and voice-over professionals in the industry.

Metasound, has raised the bar in the message on-hold arena with our state-of-the-art technology and message delivery system. But, the best technology around can't escape the mundane "thanks for holding, we'll be right with you" idea of on-hold marketing messages. Our creative staff has years of ad agency, marketing, and advertising experience, so you're assured of a production that goes far beyond our competitors. Before we start on your personalized production, we'll collect a complete profile of your company, including your goods and services, upcoming promotions, history, anything you think your customers should know about you. If you've got a revamped website, we'll let your callers know.

Once we've decided on the proper Metasound equipment to meet your needs, your Metasound consultant will work with you to decide the proper number of productions to meet your current marketing needs. After we've established your production schedule, our creative team will work closely with you in determining the content of your message, and you'll get full approval of every word on the script prior to the recording of your message.

We've got some of the best voice talent in America available for Metasound's on-hold clients. Many of the voices we use have been heard on national TV and Radio spots, appeared in television shows and feature films, and have performed extensive voice-over work in corporate projects for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Once your production is completed, we'll download your production via the Internet directly to the MediaCasts at each of your locations.

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